Act of Hell: The Wrath of Narkrow (English)


Narkrow finds himself caught in a social jungle where the girl next door takes an interest in him. although he prefers to be alone and has other plans to work on, a horrifying incident gnaws at the back of his head.

As he digs more deeper, he discovers that there are brutal sinners out there. despite it not being part of his plan or order of hell by aantak, he must take matters into his own hands, driven by a strange string that binds him.

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Additional information


Kishan Harchandani


Comics India Studio, WCD Studio

Cover Art

Kishan Harchandani

Letters and Graphic Design

Lakhan Sharma



Co-Publisher and Distributor

Comic Haveli



No of Pages

36 Pages



7 reviews for Act of Hell: The Wrath of Narkrow (English)

  1. Pampana Bhanu Teja

    I was thrilled on this epic comic story. It was awesome, expecting more episodes of this story. A good artwork and good graphics. I am expecting next part could be atleast 100 pages.🙂

  2. Vineet Kohli

    Just like the first one which actually turns out to be a prequel of this issue once you are done with it , it’s such an awesome piece of content that it leaves you wanting for some more….
    This time around it’s presented in a format most of us are familiar with…
    Superb artwork by both @comicsindiastudios and WaterCore Design studio
    Brilliant words and design by @lakhansharma
    A nice overall execution of the project by Kishan Harchandani ji ….
    Must have for every new age Indian Comic Book / Graphic Novel Reader/ Collector….

  3. Syed Intikhab Ali

    I was blown away by this book. The story paints a vivid picture, immersing you in a dark and shadowy world. The artwork is exceptional, showcasing vivid colors that are truly eye-catching.

  4. Vivek Goswami

    The story itself is quite enjoyable, keeping you engaged from beginning to end. The artwork possesses a stylish flair that adds to the overall appeal. At a price of just 159 rupees, it’s an absolute steal and a definite must-buy! 🤘

  5. Karthik Narayan (verified owner)

    Amazing Read!

  6. Absolute Comics Blog

    A huge improvement over its previous part and a novel concept of death subcontracting by Antak (God of death) to Narkrow. Story revolves around Narkrow making a balance between fulfilling his orders and getting back his revenge. The book serves as a prequel to Act of Hell#1. The artwork is also very good.

    Story: 4.5/5
    Inner Art: 4/5
    Cover Art: 3.5/5
    Why to buy: Unique concept of sin pots, death subcontracting, & its consequences.
    Why not to buy: If you don’t like dark stories

  7. Sudhir Sharma

    In my opinion in present comic book the amusing story line is the strongest point,it’s a excellent combination of indian mythology and a modern day situations .storyline is unique and has potential of generating many more sequels in varied scenarios and situations .if kishan Harchandani sahab endeavors further more it can attract youth like chandrakanta santati of great Devkinandan khatri did to attract urdu speaking indians towards hindi based on new attractive storyline of amusing ayar blended in famous indian Kingdoms and their doomed secrets and greed for power.

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